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Title: InactiefSize: 29×29 Medium: Acrylics on canvas Het origineel is te koop. Stuur mij een bericht voor meer informatie!

No Name Painting

acrylic abstract painting that has no name painting


The post promotes dried flowers in a see-through frame, ideal for home decor as they never die. The item is available for purchase, and more information can be obtained by sending a message to the seller.

Bruine Boom

The author has recently painted a series of trees in various colors, the latest being brown. This small collection draws inspiration from Halloween and autumn. The artist hints that an attentive viewer might find a ghost in this 50×70 cm painting made with acrylic on paper.


‘Schijnveiligheid’ is an abstract art piece inspired by a field of flowers and flames, blended together on a canvas. It is titled ‘Schijnveiligheid’, measures 50×75, and is created using acrylic paint. Accompanying the work is a short poem reflecting the underlying feeling of the art, titled ‘Three seasons under a blanket of illusory safety’.


Titel: OnstuimigFormaat: 35×25Medium: Acryl verf op canvas

Licht Brengen

Titel: Licht BrengenMedium: Digitaal Van dit werk heb ik ook diverse prints beschikbaar!Zoals op A2 en A3 en ik heb ook kaarten met dit werk erop.Op deze pagina…

Red Woods

Titel: Red WoodsFormaat: 20×20Medium: Acryl verf op canvas

Toen Je Er Nog Was

Titel: Toen Je Er Nog WasFormaat: 105×35Medium: Acryl verf op doek

We Komen Er Wel

Titel: We Komen Er WelFormaat: 50×70Medium: Acryl verf en olie pastel op papier